Toolholders & Drill Chucks

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Techniks Certified Tooling means the critical features of each holder has been individually lab tested, measured and inspected for quality. Depending on the holder this can include: balance, dimensional accuracy, collet pocket runout (T.I.R.), bore I.D. and taper accuracy. Techniks Certified guarantees your holder will meet or beat our published specifications.

Techniks Toolholders Advantages:

1. Manufactured to highest industry standards
2. Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5
3. T.I.R. 0.0001" measured from taper to collet pocket
4. PowerCOAT nut included for 75% more clamping power


Part Number Description Length Diameter
Nut Wrench  Flats
30000 HSK63F x ER32
50mm 46132 04616 36mm
30001 HSK63F x ER40 75mm 63mm
46140 04617 46mm
30002 HSK63F x ER40 90mm 63mm 46140 04617 46mm
30003 HSK63F x ER40 115mm
63mm 46140 04617 46mm
30005 HSK63F x ER40 125mm
63mm 46140 04617 46mm
HSK63F x SYOZ 25 80mm
60mm 83632 03691 38mm
HSK32E x ER25 60mm
46125 04615 22mm


HSK63F x ER16 60mm 32mm 46116 04613 26mm


HSK63F x ER16 100mm 32mm 46116 04613 26mm


HSK63F x SPU 1/2 Chuck 150mm 63mm
50mm Head Dia. 82172 None